Hi penguin pals! The Summer Splashdown has taken over Island Central and there’s so many exciting summer activities for everyone to do. From eating fro-yo while chilling in a chair, to sliding down the slopes of the waterslides with all of your friends – the fun never stops! I thought it would be fun to create this little video to show you how to enjoy fro-yo cones the Club Penguin Island way.

Fro-yo for everyone on Club Penguin Island!

If you’re looking for a delicious frozen treat to beat the heat, meet the Fro-Yo Cone! Our latest party supply on the island comes in a pack of three to bring freezing fruity joy to your penguin pals, and it’s here to stay while the Summer Splashdown is on. Penguins looking to save a bunch of coins should stock up on Fro-Yo cones and trays on the Island while they’re half price at all markets during the party.

But this mouth-watering dessert isn’t just good for sharing with friends, there’s a whole bunch of other uses for them…

A companion to a Silly Hat Contest in the Boardwalk

Penguin holding fro-yo cone by Picnic Blanket wearing a hat similar to the cone

You won’t look so silly after all if you’ve got a twinning pal. Although, the Fro-Yo cone could end up winning instead of you…

To feed your pet inflatable dolphin in your igloo

Who’s been a good boy? You’ve been a good boy! It’s even been rumoured that inflatable dolphins have been emptying vending machines of their fro-yo in the night just to get a taste of it.

Bribing Jet Pack Guy for a lift to Island Central

Using a zipline is too… much… work… Rookie apparently offered Jet Pack Guy a whole 48 Fro-Yo Trays for a free flight up to the top of the waterslide tower. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Have fun in the Summer Splashdown!

While this year’s summer party is all about fun in the Sun, unlimited fro-yo and splashing around like nobody’s watching, do you remember Blizzard Beach from last year? I’ve got a ton of activities for you to do on the Island inspired by the real world water park at Disney World! Check it out! Is your shiny new Mallard Duck in need of some TLC? Here’s some top tips from the Ocean Guard on looking after Duck Tubes.

How many Fro-Yo Cones have you eaten since the Splashdown started? Just one? A few? Maybe… a hundred? I’d also love to hear what your favourite activities to get up to in this month’s new party are too! Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, flippered friends!

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

So first, you lick the fro yo cone? And then you lick it again? And then you just shove it in your mouth? By the way, if you look closely when you shove the fro yo cone in your mouth, it kind of glitches! Another thing, I have at least 158 fro yo cones in my inventory!

Waddle on!

Sillywilly53 ⋅ Jul 31 @ 2:33 AM

    You got it, Sillywilly53! It sounds like you’ve got a huge Fro-Yo collection (although my Fishdog collection is bigger… don’t even ask why I bought so many 😆). I hope these instructions will be helpful – it sounds like you’ve got lots of fro-yo eating to do. Waddle on!

    Dj Stores ⋅ Aug 12 @ 4:06 AM