It’s the most delicious week of the year! From today until September 24th, we’re celebrating the small frosted cake treats we all know and love during National Cupcake Week. To mark the occasion, I’ll be sharing my secret recipe for cupcakes on Club Penguin Island with you to try for yourself and hosting a cupcake-inspired fashion contest until Friday! Let the cupcake celebrations begin!

Dj Stores’ secret cupcake recipe for Club Penguin Island

Today we will be baking the finest cupcakes on all of Club Penguin Island! The first ingredient we will need is sugar. I dived down to the bottom of the Sea Caves and picked up a Rainglow Stick to crush. I’ve heard it’s the closest thing we have to sugar on the Island. Gary tried to tell me that glowsticks were radioactive or something? Anyways, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Next up on my ingredients list is eggs. Puffle chickens are yet to migrate to the Island so I had to come up with my own solution. If I use coins and confetti from a Party Blaster, perhaps nobody will know the difference? Plus, it gives the cupcakes a bit of extra crunch… and a slight taste of gold.

I forgot the third ingredient, but luckily Aunt Arctic had the Island Codex to hand, which also has a recipe for cupcakes (don’t ask why). If I remember correctly, she said I need flower. I was quite surprised that I wouldn’t need flour for cupcakes, but I trust her. After all, we trust her with the fate of the Island. *nervous laughter* The Boardwalk had plenty of flowers to harvest. I remained suspicious but if Aunt Arctic has kept us safe for just under 6 months, I guess she’s right.

Finally, I needed butter. There’s no grocery stores on the Island so I was left to source fresh butter from a farm. I was going to place an order with Rockhopper, but knowing him he’d probably toot on it to turn it into stinky butter, which was NOT on my ingredients list. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a majestic sea shark-cow appeared.

Wait a minute… what’s a sea shark-cow?

“Moo, moo moo”, the sea shark-cow mooed. “I am the last remaining shark-cow on Club Penguin Island and I am here to bring you a gift”. “A gift, for ME?!”, I asked, quite astonished by the generosity of this mythical creature.

“Yes, for you!”, the sea shark-cow replied, “Have this jackhammer made of butter – it’s good for fixing toothaches and baking cupcakes”. I was incredibly grateful for this marvellous gift, it was the last ingredient I needed!

However, I do wonder – where did the sea shark-cow species come from, and why is there only one remaining on an entire half-snow-half-tropical Island? That’s a question for another day. With all of my ingredients sourced and ready, I rushed back to the Foodtrekker to mix it all together.

The ingredients when combined formed a perfect mixture, which I was ready to spill on to the grill and get baking some cupcakes! There’s no oven at the Foodtrekker, you see. Island builders took it many months ago to construct an apparently better restaurant called “Franky’s”.

My grilled cupcakes sizzled and popped and even went a little burnt! There was a strong scent of burnt paper, and a metallic liquid seemed to be floating around. I guess that’s the frosting? At no point did these look like the cupcakes I enjoyed in the Coffee Shop back in March, but that doesn’t matter.

An hour later and my cupcake recipe was complete! I was so excited to take the first bite, and when I did… I can safely say these were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. I’d recommend this recipe to anyone on Club Penguin Island who likes cake and… interesting flavours.

Please note: This is a fiction comedy story based on virtual elements of the Club Penguin Island game. Do not attempt the recipe in the real world – in case it wasn’t obvious that sea shark-cows aren’t real. It’s intended for role-play on Club Penguin Island.

Cupcake-inspired fashion contest

Is it just me who is really hungry after reading that recipe? Yes? Okay… nevermind. To celebrate National Cupcake Week, I have a design challenge for the Club Penguin Island community. Using any blueprint, fabrics and decals your heart desires, create a sweet cupcake-inspired outfit and put it on your penguin in The Designer to see how it looks!

Once you’re done, send a friend request to “Style Islander” on Club Penguin Island and make sure you’re wearing your item to enter into the contest at 4pm PST on Friday 22nd September. The winner of the contest will win 250 coins in Party Blasters from Dj Stores and we will feature as many outfits submitted as we can on our new Featured Fashions page.

I can’t wait to see all of the totally sweet and awesome outfits you create.

Please note: Style Islander will not accept your friend request so you can re-enter into other fashion contests in the future. If your friend request is no longer pending after the closing time, that means you’ve been entered with the outfit you were wearing!

How will you celebrate National Cupcake Week?

I hope you all have an awesome Cupcake Week! How will you celebrate? Will you bake some cupcakes of your own in the real world, or will you try my recipe on Club Penguin Island? Haha. Why not celebrate with the community and share a Birthday Cake with your penguin pals? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, penguin family…

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

Great post! Thanks for letting me know it’s National Cupcake Week. I need to bake some cupcakes!

Blue21102 ⋅ Sep 19 @ 6:51 AM

    I actually might’ve not baked cupcakes during National Cupcake Week. 😱😬 Umm… does Birthday Cake on CP Island count?

    Dj Stores ⋅ Oct 04 @ 12:52 AM


LunaNova ⋅ Sep 19 @ 2:57 AM

    AWESOME OUTFIT! Sorry for my delay in posting them, I promise the results will be announced soon.

    Dj Stores ⋅ Oct 04 @ 12:53 AM