Hi penguin pals! Get your jumping flippers, quiz brains and spookiest outfit on – you’ll need all of them for everything that’s happening in the community this week in October. I’ve got all of the top parties, activities and even a magazine you’ll want to check out right here! None of this would be possible without our incredibly passionate and creative community, so thank you. 🐧🎉

Cheesy Blues’ Impossible Igloo Parkour

Expert Builder of the Month, Cheesy Blues, has created what is possibly the most difficult parkour EVER seen on Club Penguin Island. You’ll need precision, problem-solving and a hint of luck if you’re to make it to the end. Earlier today on the Island, I worked together with a few of my friends to get to the end of this massive course.

It took a lot of determination and patience as we battled against falling down into the Box Dimension and nervously traversed over vines – but we did it! In fact, I even threw a Holiday Blaster at the end to celebrate. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends, this is the place to be.

CPI Trivia: Medieval Party 2018

Just slipping in a little shoutout to a game I’m hosting tomorrow… CPI TRIVIA! This much-loved trivia game is back tomorrow night (October 7th) to quiz you on the epic Medieval Party. How many snowballs does it take to defeat Scorn? Do Fluffy Banners actually exist? These are the big questions, and you’ll be answering them!

Everyone can join the game at https://www.theislandersapp.com/trivia tomorrow at 1pm PST.

Storcko’s Island Magazine: October

Coming this Monday 8th October, Storcko will be premiering her very first issue of Island Magazine! After many months of hard work, this amazing fanzine will finally be in the flippers of all of YOU. In this month’s issue, you can find plenty of fun puzzles, amazing articles about what’s happening in October, spotlights on the creativity of our community and more.

I can’t wait for you to see Island Magazine – it’s truly a must-read for any Club Penguin Island super-fan. Click here to read the first issue of Island Magazine!

tigerrkid’s Halloween Costume Contest

It’s finally time to dust off your Halloween costumes from last year for tigerrkid’s costume contest! Whether you’re a werewolf ready to howl at the moon or a pale white ghost haunting the Island, come on down and show off your spooky side. Halloween is always one of my favourite times of the year on Club Penguin so I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes.

Looking for inspiration? Take a shopping spree of Dot’s community clothing catalog for any Halloween items you can buy! Want to dress up around a theme? You could theme your costume around one of Club Penguin Island’s level packs, or even a clothing catalog challenge! How about reviving a classic? Club Penguin’s Halloween parties had plenty of costumes – try and re-create one in Club Penguin Island!

As you can tell, there’s a lot happening this week in the community, so get involved! Everything here has something you can take part in and enjoy, and I hope to see some of you there. What’s your favourite community event/project happening this week? Do you have a party of your own going on? Would you like more of these posts in the future? Share with the community in the comments section below! Have a fantastic week ahead and until next time, party penguins!

Waddle on!


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