Hi penguin pals! We’re in the last week of the Summer Splashdown, and it’s time to get serious. It might come as a shock to you, but some penguins have been trying to spoil all of the fun! So, inspired by the National Aquarium of New Zealand‘s Naughty Penguin of the Month, here’s my list of the naughtiest mischief makers I’ve spotted in the latest party on Club Penguin Island.

#1: Non-members who tube UP the waterslides

We’ve all been there. Tubing down the green waterslide at high speed, your penguin’s squid enjoying the breeze, until suddenly… CRASH! A non-member going the completely wrong direction stops you and your summer dreams right in their tracks. You chase them with an angry emoji (I do at least), to little avail as you see them continue tubing up the slide and eventually back onto the top of the tower.

Their next destination? That’s a question not even the EPF can solve. I like to imagine they continue tubing off into the distance all the way to the Boardwalk. Even if it’s not an official rule of the pool, it’s still incredibly naughty and deserves a place on this post.

#2: The tuna fish who stole my Fro-Yo

Reports have been coming in from all over the Island of a penguin robbing vendors at the Splashdown of their precious Fro-Yo supplies in broad daylight. The culprit’s name? Tuna. You may remember when Tuna was caught stealing Rainbow Smoothies from Madzom8ie’s stall back in February. Well, penguins, she’s back. Although food on the Island is often served for free, Octi’s Diner asks for payment by check… it. Check it. Yes, that Quick Chat action is now a currency.

Here’s how it went down. Tuna waddled in to the diner and asked for Fro-Yo. I gave the Fro-Yo. Tuna ran away. I cried. You might be thinking that I didn’t make it clear that Tuna had to pay, but if she read our menu written in the easy-to-understand language of Squiggle, none of this would’ve happened. Therefore, it is only right that I warn everyone about the dangers of Tuna.

#3: Penguins who ask for a Splashdown bay

Who wants a bay? I don’t want a bay! Even when there’s giant waterslides and plenty of activities in Island Central, penguins still seek to find a bay (even though the bay in Coconut Cove is pretty cool). Although bays might not seem naughty at first, some are rumoured to steal their bay’s fishdogs when they’re not looking, and unfriend them when they log off.

It’s been over a year since bays were first spotted on the Island and they haven’t stopped since, so they’re not only naughty penguins of the Summer Splashdown but some of the naughtiest penguins of all-time. Now that’s a claim to fame.

#4: Singing lifeguards

Throughout the Summer Splashdown, we’ve trusted lifeguards to always be there for us if we need a helping flipper in the waterpark. It’s important that lifeguards always stay vigilant and focused, and you can probably trust them if they have a jet pack. However, it has recently arisen that the Island’s crew of heroes have been ditching throwing a rubber ring in favour of doing karaoke between Dance Battles. The advice to all penguins is to not risk it and just stay on your tube or one of the dolphin inflatables – they’ve got your back.

Bonus! Drinking coffee in the pool of Island Central is rumoured to be the cause of global warming, or at least the warming of the pool. Or maybe that was because I had fishdogs for breakfast and a morning swim… whoops. Does that make me a naughty penguin?!

#5: Rookie

Let’s face it – none of this would’ve happened if the Island’s resident clown, Rookie, hadn’t burst a pipe in Island Central while looking for treasure. While on one hand, we’ve got him to thank for putting on this pretty epic Summer party (far better than Blizzard Beach), I don’t think Aunt Arctic would excuse this terrible incident. One does not simply flood Island Central and get away with it, after all. It’s quite impressive that it took Rookie over half a year to cause mischief in the Island’s downtown, compared to how quickly he got started with rolling out Chuggable Cheese on Mount Blizzard… ew.

That said though, Rookie’s a penguin with good intentions at heart. Without his commitment and effort, Mount Blizzard might’ve never won Pick of the Year. And that pipe seems pretty well patched up by the tulips, I just hope he remembered to fix the actual pipe rather than just the concrete on top. Otherwise I have a feeling we might end up with a second Summer Splashdown next year.

After three weeks of penguins behaving badly, I’m glad we’ve finally been able to bring these naughty-but-not-rule-breaking penguins to justice! Which penguin do you think is the naughtiest out of this list? Do you know anyone who’s done even worse than the penguins above?! Let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this fun little post! Until next time…

Waddle on!

Please note: All penguins featured in this post are NOT actually bad penguins, of course – they’re my friends who helped out with the post. They’re acting as made-up personalities for comedy purposes. The only exception to this is the bay. If you see any penguins who actually do break the rules, report them in-game to a moderator.

Thank you to X Tina X, Pals09 and Julesmcwaddls for helping with this post!


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We will try to see if the PPU can get your Fro-Yo back.

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