Hi penguin family! Today, I’m excited to announce a new weekly series here on The Islanders – Community Superstar! This new series will highlight the most awesome penguins in our community, much like Penguin of the Week. There’s so many amazing penguins in our community, and I want to give everyone a chance to shine. 🐧🎉 You might be wondering: what sort of penguin is a Community Superstar? Here’s an idea of the sort of penguins we’re looking for you to nominate.

A Superstar is kind to everyone in the community

Community Superstars are kind and generous penguins who are always making the most of the Island. Whether it’s roleplaying at Franky’s or showing a new penguin around the Island, a random act of kindness goes a long way. We want to hear about these amazing penguins.

A Superstar has an awesome igloo to hang out in

We’ll be sharing the winner’s igloo every week, so having a cool igloo is definitely a bonus! It doesn’t have to be huge and extravagant, so if you think it’s cool we will too. Our igloos are our own spaces to be creative and have fun with our friends – I’m sure your Superstar pal definitely has a Superstar igloo too.

A Superstar knows how to get the party started

Penguins who always bring the good times are the exact penguins we want you to tell us about! Community Superstars spread happiness and joy in the community everywhere they go – through pizza, party games, more pizza, non-stop dancing and being a great friend.

Do you know a Community Superstar? That’s great! Everyone can nominate a penguin for Community Superstar by leaving a comment telling us all about why they should win! Every Friday, we’ll celebrate the latest winner and send a surprise gift pack of free Party Supplies to them. (You never know, there might even be more than one winner from time-to-time)

I can’t wait to hear about all of the amazing penguins you know who have made the Island a better place for us all. Our first Community Superstar will be revealed this Friday 19th October, so get nominating! Thanks for reading, penguin pals, and until next time…

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

I would gladly nominate Julesmcwaddls. She’s always helped me when I’m always sad and she’s there for me. She can be also very fun to be around and likes to help other penguins in need! I’d say she deserves it.

Giremo ⋅ Oct 20 @ 12:48 PM

I nominate Julesmcwaddls because she’s a nice friend and she’s fun to hang out with, she’s nice to people, she’s also helpful to those penguins who are new, and she has an awesome igloo! Waddle on!

Sillywilly53 ⋅ Oct 19 @ 10:23 PM

I would like to nominate Nat (Natalie17)! I have only been lucky enough to know her for a little bit but she has always been friendly and sweet whenever we have talked! Her igloos are pretty cool, she has recreated the underground sewer restaurant (and decorated it for Halloween as well!) which is a pretty fun place to hang out that she’s made! I feel I can speak for everyone that she would be a good choice of Community superstar! :D

SierrakaymayCP ⋅ Oct 19 @ 10:15 PM

I’d like to nominate myself 😤😤😤 JK I’d like to nominate Chardbagel!! She’s a no-brainer for POTW, yet I’m pretty sure she never won! She has a comfy igloo, is VERY kind, and people always scream in excitement when she appears so that’s kind of like starting a party.

SpiceCPI ⋅ Oct 18 @ 10:50 PM

Nominate anti lola 9 are cool penguins and friends are funnyand save club penguin island… ❤️❤️❤️

Ela102 ⋅ Oct 18 @ 7:55 PM

I nominate Tigerrkid, he’s never been POTW in Classic or CPI and I feel like he is the perfect example of a Community Superstar! Even with the sad news of CPI closing, he continues to do so much for the community in game and on social media. His love for Club Penguin shows in his dedication and time he puts into everything that he does. He’s very creative and fun to be around and just an overall kind penguin!

Jempenguin ⋅ Oct 18 @ 4:35 AM

I would love to nominate DJ Stores he’s a great friend, he knows how to get a party started and, He also has an awesome Igloo to hang out In Its super cool if you ask me! He’s not just kind to me but is kind to everyone In the community. This is why I think DJ Stores Is the one and only COMMUNITY SUPERSTAR! Waddle on Penguin Family! 🐧💜

Oreozs ⋅ Oct 18 @ 1:46 AM

    This is very kind of you, Oreoz, but you can’t nominate me for Community Superstar! 😂 I really appreciate your comment, but just like the Club Penguin team can’t win Penguin of the Week, I can’t win my own community spotlight series, haha.

    Dj Stores ⋅ Oct 18 @ 1:51 AM