Hi penguin pals! After almost 5 years, the Medieval Party is returning to Club Penguin Island. These parties have always been some of the community’s favourites and it’s super exciting that more fun from the Middle Ages is returning to the Island. The all-new party brings exciting new activities in a mysterious dungeon, just like the old Ye Knight’s Quests from the classic game.

Medieval Parties brought some of the most amazing experiences Club Penguin has ever seen – from battling Scorn to transforming into a Mega Dragon, so I can’t wait for this new re-imagining of a party known for being epic. To celebrate, have a go at this quiz on little bits of trivia from these magnificent parties of penguin past!

Club Penguin Medieval Party Quiz

Who wrote the Magical Book from the Medieval Party 2013?

Gary the Gadget Guy


Garugg the Ugg Ugg

In which year was Ye Knight's Quest first released?




On which mountain was Scorn the Dragon King battled in 2012?

Tallest Mountain

Ski Hill

Mountain of Misery

In which Ye Knight's Quest could the Toothbrush Pin be found?

Ye Knight’s Quest 2

Ye Knight’s Quest 3

Scorn’s Revenge

Which weapon was used by penguins in the Scorn Battle?




Which of these puffles was not a transformation at the 2013 Medieval Party?

White Unicorn Puffle

Chicken Puffle

Yellow Unicorn Puffle

What was the Ski Lodge transformed into for most Medieval Parties?




What is the name of the mini-event where Herbert remade the Hydras?

Operation: Tri-umph

Ye Agent’s Quest

Battle of Doom

In which month were Medieval Parties mostly held?




Which of these items was never released on the desktop Club Penguin?

Noble Helmet

Golden Shield

Staff of Wonder

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The Medieval Party returns soon to Club Penguin Island

With rumours of Scorn the Dragon King’s big return flying around about this year’s Medieval Party – I’m certain this is going to be one of the biggest parties of the year. Have you been to a Medieval Party on classic Club Penguin, or will this year’s be your first? How did you do on the quiz – are you a medieval genius? Share with the community in the comments below! Thanks for playing, everyone! Until next time…

Waddle on!


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