Ahoy there, penguin pals! It’s here… the Penglantian vault has finally opened and penguin pirates everywhere can venture deep into its magnificent maze in pursuit of ancient treasure. Braving the tricky twists and turns of the maze is no easy feat, and many adventurers are reported to have entered and never returned.

If you’re one of the many explorers who have already conquered the maze, you’re probably looking for something else to do in the Pirate Expedition. Here’s a handful of fun, pirate-y activities for you to try while the expedition is on until June 20th!

#1: Discover the hidden secrets

Did you really think the Penglantians would only build a maze? Of course not! Hidden within the Penglantian vault are plenty of secrets and “easter eggs” for you and your friends to explore. Keep an eye out for emojis, mysterious relics and even an ancient creature. You never know what you could unlock…

#2: Create a map of the vault maze

In a big vault like that, it’s pretty easy to get lost. It’s all part of the challenge to make your way through the maze without a map, but maybe you’d like one for next time you waddle on into the maze? Grab a pen, pencil and a piece of paper and doodle the path you’ve taken through the maze.

Don’t forget to include any distinguishable landmarks like crystals, arrows, torches and spiral symbols – they’ll all help you find your way back to the treasure! I had a go at creating a little doodle map of the maze path I took and it was really fun. If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, grab a bigger piece of paper and create a map of the entire maze!


#3: Suit up like King Rorius

He’s got a beard which could compete with Rockhopper’s – he’s King Rorius! This mysterious bust appears in the Igloos & Interiors catalog as well as in the Penglantian vault. If you’re looking for fashion while this party is on, have a go at creating your own King Rorius costume! The only question now is… who is he where did he get such a brilliant beard from?

#4: Prepare a pirate playlist

Yo ho ho! A pirate can’t waddle through an ancient maze without his mighty fine tunes! There’s plenty of music from Rockhopper’s chapter of adventures to keep you going as you tackle the depths of the maze. I’ve even included a pirate shanty above – it’s called Captain Aaaar!

Perhaps you’re looking for a blast from the past? Check out the classic Club Penguin soundtrack for more music to set sail through the maze with. Anchors Aweigh!

#5: Build your own expedition

Is this DIY taken to the next level? If you’re looking for more adventure, create your own! There’s unlimited possibilities for pirate adventures in your igloo. Maybe your expedition will be all about solving riddles with friends, or discovering treasure in an ancient fridge fort.

For my igloo, I created a pirate ship with Crate Co Crates and threw down plenty of Practice Dummies to swing swords at. If you’ve got an awesome expedition igloo, be sure to share it in the comments below! I’ll be creating a Featured Igloos video next week of some of the most fun expeditions I’ve visited.

There you have it, penguin (pirate) pals! I hope you have lots of fun over the next two weeks as we explore this maze together! Have you got any other activities to try during the Pirate Expedition? Are there any super cool secrets in the vault which you’ve spotted? Share them in the comments below! Until next time, me hearties…

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

Loved this blog post. I think I am gonna have to do everything here before the Pirate Expedition is over!

Agent blue0 ⋅ Jun 14 @ 3:30 PM

Great Post , I love this blog

Cabito21 ⋅ Jun 11 @ 4:23 AM

Great post! Love the cosplay haha!
There’s an expedition in my Igloo, if you want to check it out!
A few tips to make it easier: There’s an easy route and a difficult one. Both start with a cannon, the easier one with the cannon in the bottom left of my igloo.
Teleporters are the key! Always try to reach them when you see one!
Pick up a sword when you see one- it’ll be important later!
I hope you have fun!

Isidorf ⋅ Jun 10 @ 7:01 PM

Great post, Dj! ^^

Azu51 ⋅ Jun 09 @ 6:48 AM

I made a King Rorius cosplay even before the update. I personally went for a more Greco-Roman type of look with a toga and sandals. Your look is very interesting, but I personally wouldn’t think Rorius had a pirate jacket. Different strokes for different folks i suppose.

Penguinator20 ⋅ Jun 08 @ 11:39 PM

    I also forgot to mention that I made a Penglantean inspired igloo with a throne room, a portal on top of a waterfall, and even a secret island that may or may not contain treasure and may or may not float in the sky. I hope you have the time to check it out.

    Penguinator20 ⋅ Jun 10 @ 10:57 PM

Such a great post! Great job!

PlatypenguinCP ⋅ Jun 08 @ 10:35 PM