Hi penguin family! We hope you enjoyed our first week of activities for the 16 Days of Fun in the Summer Splashdown! One of my favourite activities we did together was on Day 5 when we evacuating Island Central to the underground diner to stay safe during the storm (well, our imaginary storm). Rescue Squad on the ground kept everyone safe, volunteers shared food and we even had a few camera crews reporting on what was going on. This was such an awesome roleplay – thank you to everyone who joined us!

Need a refresher on what 16 Days of Fun is all about? No problem! Inspired by 101 Days of Fun from the Club Penguin Times newspaper back in 2009, ToasterCP, tigerrkid and I decided to team up to share fun activities for you for each day of the Summer Splashdown. From little games with friends to role-playing, we’ve got something new and out-of-the-box for you to make a splash (and great memories).

Here’s our second week of activities! Check back each day for the next one. We’ll be hosting a little meetup each day this week at 1:30pm PST on Alpine in Island Central to do the activities too, so there will be plenty of penguin pals for you to buddy up with!

16 Days of Fun: Week 2


Have a swimwear design race with a buddy! Start in Island Central and see if you can run to The Designer, design a new swim style, then return to the dunktank in 5 minutes.


Design your best summertime igloo with the new furniture, so you can keep celebrating even after the Splashdown is over!


Going mobile – throw on your Foodtrekker Hat and Vendor Uniform and waddle around Island Central giving out lots of Fro-Yo Cones to your penguin pals in the Island community! A sweet treat to beat the heat.


Uh oh! Island Central is leaking… again! Grab a jackhammer and get 10 penguins to fix the leak by the zipline (or use Hydro Hydrants to create the leak!).


Fro-Yo Food Frenzy – Race against a friend to see who can serve 3 whole trays of Fro-Yo in Island Central the fastest.


Share a smile! Tell your favourite summertime joke to 5 penguins around the waterpark in Island Central to make them laugh. Bonus points to you if you wear a red nose.


The Great Summer Dunk-Off – Challenge a buddy to see how many dunks you can score on the dunk tank in just a day!


Let’s go out dancing! Get together a conga line of 20 penguins and dance around Island Central.


One last week of fun in the Sun

The Summer Splashdown on Club Penguin Island wraps up on July 31st, so I hope we can all make the most of this epic party before it’s all over. Are you going to do one of our activities this week? Did you enjoy Week 1? Do you have a special memory to share from the Splashdown? Share with the community in the comments below!

Thanks for joining in with our activities, everyone! Until next time, penguin family…

Waddle on!

Thanks to tigerrkid for the amazing header and photos for Day 9 and Day 11!


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