Hi penguin family! Are you having fun in the new Summer Splashdown? With so many activities, like tubing at high-speed down the waterslides and bouncing to the new tropical cloud, it’s impossible to get bored! Having fun with the community is key to making the most of the all-new events we’re seeing on Club Penguin Island. So, to help you get stuck in with role-playing and partying with your friends – ToasterCP, tigerrkid and I decided to team up to create 16 Days of Fun!

Check out the Week 2 activities now!

What’s 16 Days of Fun all about? You might remember 101 Days of Fun from the Club Penguin Times newspaper way back in 2009. This is pretty similar! For each of the remaining days of the Summer Splashdown, we’ll be sharing some fun activities for you to do on the Island right here on The Islanders. From little games with friends to role-playing as Rescue Squad, we’ve got something new and out-of-the-box for you to make a splash (and great memories).

Without further ado, here’s this week’s activities! Check back each day for the next one. We’ll be hosting a little meetup each day at 10:30am PST on Alpine in Island Central to do the activities too, so there will be plenty of penguin pals for you to buddy up with!

16 Days of Fun: Week 1


Time to hit the dance floor and show off your moves! Challenge a buddy to a dance-off in Island Central.


Start a wave! Get a bunch of blue penguins together, then as a group swim back and forth in the water shouting ‘Wave!’.


It’s HOT! Share Seaweed Smoothies with the community by the pool!


Out for a Bite! Dress up as a shark and swim around the pool using the shark emoji!


Reports are coming in from all over the Island about a massive lightning storm! Suit up as Rescue Squad and get as many people inside the secret underground room. Gather food and other important supplies!


Workin’ Up A Sweat – Play a game of Marble Hunt in Island Central and take a dip in the Summer Splashdown pool afterwards!


Get as many people as you can on the bouncy blob and bounce to the cloud!


King of the Cloud – Tubes on! Challenge your friends to a game of King of the Cloud in Island Central. Last one standing on the cloud wins.

Fun for everyone in the Summer Splashdown!

Sounds like SO much fun, right? We’ll be sharing Week 2 of activities next week for the last few days in the Summer party. Are you going to join in with our little activities? Have you already done one and can’t wait to tell everyone about it? Share with the community in the comments below! This is going to be the best party ever! Until next time, penguin family…

Waddle on!

Special thanks to tigerrkid for the amazing header and little photos for the calendar!


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