Hey, penguin pals! I’m Kim Pengdashian, an Island fashionista with a flipper ahead of the trends. The Winter Holiday Party has just ended, but weather on the Island is still pretty chilly if you ask me. Some penguins might still want to rock their stylish Holiday Sweater, but if you’re looking for inspiration for your winter closet, I’ve designed a few warm and cozy blueprints just for you!

#1: Snowflake Jumper & Scarf

Tube racing on Mount Blizzard? You’ll need an Infinity Scarf – it’s extra windy up there! Using a snowflake fabric from the Winter pack, I created a beautifully simple but stylish scarf which can go with any outfit seasonal for this time of year. My Tank & Sweater uses the red snowflakes fabric from the Holiday Party 2017 gift drop, and also throws in an Olaf’s Frozen Adventure fabric for the tank. A bubbles decal from the RDMAs pack way back in April completes the sweater. Finally, I’m rocking a Pencil Skirt with a Northern Lights fabric from the Winter pack.

#2: Winter Woof-sie

I’ve seen so many amazing Top Dog onesies on the Island over the past few months, and this chilly season is the perfect time to bring it out and decorate it with Frozen-inspired fabrics and decals. While some penguins might not like Disney-inspired looks, I think these work as great fabrics and decals for your winter wardrobe.

#3: Cozy with Cocoa

This outfit uses blue fabrics to create a cozy outfit for penguins in the cold weather. My teal More-a Fedora and blue camo Skyscraper Sneaks combine darker shades of blue with contrasting lighter ones. The Hooded Jacket might be good for when it’s raining, but add a teal puffer fabric and an ice fabric to style and it’s suitable for rain, shine and even snow.

Winter Fashion Contest

Have you got a great winter outfit to share? Send a friend request to Style Islander on Club Penguin Island and make sure you’re wearing your outfit at 4pm PST on 12th January (you don’t have to be playing the game at that time, but your penguin should be wearing the outfit you’d like me to see at that time!). We’ll be adding as many outfits as possible to our community Featured Fashions page! I’ll be also giving away a few Party Blasters to some of the best outfits I see.

Thanks for checking out my post-Holiday winter fashions, penguin pals! Which outfit was your favourite? Do you have any winter fashion tips for other penguins? Share with the community in the comments below! Until next time…

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

Thanks Joe…. I mean, Thanks Kim

Eriberto ⋅ Jan 11 @ 4:32 PM

Thanks for sharing, Kim Pengdashian! When I’m designing winter outfits, I like to think about the different colours I associate with this time of year, like blue and white. After that, I check out what Dot’s got ready in The Designer and I try to be creative with what’s on offer. That said, I’m not a great designer – so perhaps looking to the community Catalog for inspiration is a good idea too.

Dj Stores ⋅ Jan 05 @ 12:59 AM