It’s the biggest sporting event the Island has ever seen – it’s time for the Penguin Cup! We’re reporting live from the CPSN station on Mount Blizzard, bringing you all soccer news as it rolls in. I’ve even got my news reporting moustache on – that’s when you know it’s getting serious. Penguins everywhere are suiting up in jerseys ready to support and play for their favourite teams. Team Hot Sauce, Sharks, Space Squids and Fluffies will be battling it out in a series of intense soccer matches taking place entirely in igloos.

It might seem a little bit unexpected to have such a huge competition kick off out of nowhere, but that’s exactly how it happened. “Despite their… unreliable… reputation…”, Island Director Aunt Arctic said, “I decided to give Crate Co a chance by ordering some beach balls for the upcoming Summer Splashdown”. Unfortunately, her party planners received entirely the opposite – with crates bursting at the seams filled with soccer balls.

“This simply won’t do!”, an infuriated Aunt Arctic yelled down the phone to Crate Co (along with words which would not pass the filter). Thankfully, a curious Rory overheard the conversation and got to work with building extra furniture. There’s no way these soccer balls would go to waste! Igloos & Interiors now stocks the most coveted trophy in all of Club Penguin history… the Penguin Cup cup and Dot even designed some special team decals for the occasion.

With the Penguin Cup 2018 in full swing, our CPSN reporters decided to meet with the four teams kicking their way to victory in this year’s competition. Let’s meet them!

Team Sharks: Teamwork makes the dream work

Our crew caught up with the captain of the Sharks team, Spike. Although, he doesn’t like to refer to himself as the captain – since the Sharks believe that everyone on their team has a role to play in their success.

CPSN: It’s great to meet you, Spike. What do you think is the Sharks’ key to winning this year’s Penguin Cup?

Spike: As winners of the 2014 Penguin Cup, we truly believe that through sticking together as a team, we can score goal after goal.

CPSN: How does your team’s base promote your spirit of sticking together?

Spike: We’ve got plenty of things going on here. Our Roundtable is where we discuss our game tactics. If we all listen to each other, we’re going to have much better ideas. Oh, and we always tune into Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal – they’re one awesome team who always inspire us.

CPSN: That’s amazing! We’ve noticed that there’s no soccer field for your team to practise on?

Spike: As Sharks, we all think it’s important that we learn the skill of playing soccer on water before we go out on the field. It takes much more precision and accuracy, and maybe equipping a tube in the middle of the game could score the winning goal.

CPSN: And a Music Stage..? You wouldn’t expect this is the base of a champion soccer team!

Spike: We’re full of surprises! Our Bounce Stage brings the team together by spreading positive messages through music and also getting a workout with the trampoline. Who said fitness can’t be fun? Our base is entirely designed around perfecting our technique and building a group which works together. We already know how to kick the ball – this is about going above and beyond.

CPSN: Sounds like you’ve got it sorted, but is this the winning technique? Best of luck, Sharks!

Team Hot Sauce: It’s going to be fire

We next waddled on over to the base of Team Hot Sauce, where the team leader Flame was getting ready for the big games this weekend. From 🔥 pizza to 🔥 soccer shootouts, Hot Sauce are gearing up for a 🔥 2018 Penguin Cup.

CPSN: Hot Sauce is great for our pizzas and jet pack fuel. How do you integrate Hot Sauce into your team training?

Flame: With Spicy Pizza Saturday, of course! Maybe Mondays too… and Tuesdays… we have spicy pizza every day but it seems to be serving us well.

CPSN: That’s a lot of calories! How does your team gear up for the exertion of the Penguin Cup?

Flame: We’re totally ready for anything. The trampolines scattered all around the base make for quick and easy transportation and keep us on our flippers. We don’t want to miss a single goal, so we’ve got volcanoes to help our team train up.

CPSN: Volcanoes?! Is that even safe?!

Flame: It absolutely positively is not safe, but we train our players carefully to shoot the ball into the volcanoes and avoid getting lava everywhere… since it’s me who cleans it up. If we can be accurate with volcanoes, we will definitely be accurate with goals.

CPSN: With all of these dangerous contraptions all around the base – from that pizza (IT’S ON FIRE!!) to ACTUAL volcanoes, will you be dangerous opponents on the field?

Flame: We’re Team Hot Sauce – danger is practically in our name! Watch out, Sharks – we’re gonna get that trophy!

Team Fluffies: Making a splash!

Like the humble fluffy fish swimming in the Boardwalk lagoon, the Fluffies are much more peaceful than their red rivals. Their spirit champion, Splashie, tells us how they get their team excited for competing in the Cup.

CPSN: Most teams have captains, but you’re a spirit champion – tell us how that came about?

Splashie: We, as a team, have always been a bit out of the box. Our calm and creative approach to soccer training and enjoying yourself means our team has lots of fun, and that’s my job.

CPSN: You’ve got a lot of balls around the base, how do you train with them?

Splashie: Through fun activities, of course! You can train up your shootout skills with Swabbie Bob or dribble a ball through the cones. Too many teams managed to take the ball off us in 2014 – but that’s going to change.

CPSN: And what about all of the other balls? Is that a… snowman?!

Splashie: Who said soccer balls have to be used for soccer? Some penguins on our team thought it would be cool to make a soccer ball snowman and a big ball chair to relax on. Soccer can get boring but the balls never do!

CPSN: Ah, you’re right – but an interest in soccer is essential to keep going through the Cup, surely? How do you keep motivation so high in your team?

Splashie: A good balance between soccer and fun keeps our Fluffies at the top of their game. We’ve got random dance parties, our giant Fluffy mascot, and a leaping flower challenge! The team really enjoys it.

CPSN: You’ve built such an imaginative base! But how do you get everyone’s imagination involved in your game strategy?

Splashie: It’s pretty simple. Rather than just a screen, we’ve got a giant keyboard too in our ideas discussion area. Everyone in the team can come up and add to our plan – so it’s an open forum.

CPSN: Fantastic plan! Have a great game out there, Fluffies!

Team Space Squids: Soccer… rewritten

The final team we visited on our grand tour were the Space Squids – a team who didn’t do too well in the 2014 Penguin Cup… With a new leader – Squidella – and a pretty unbelievably technical game plan, perhaps this year will be their comeback.

CPSN: Finally, a team base with an actual soccer field! Hang on a second… where’s the ball?

Squidella: Soccer field?! You called that a SOCCER FIELD?! I’ll have you know that it is a highly secret and advanced testing facility!

CPSN: Potaytoe, potahtoe. So, what’s actually being tested there?

Squidella: Our FIELD FLOODER 5000! All the team have to do is bounce up into the floating shuttle, which can be easily deployed onto the field, use their tube and balls come crashing down to confuse the other teams!

CPSN: Okay… and what about over here? Is this strange table with a ball embedded inside of it to practise kicks?

Squidella: Don’t be silly! That’s our Ball Enhancement Surgery Theatre. We only play with the very best soccer balls around (which are not specially modified to work in our favour in any way at all), so our ball scientists enhance each ball used in the Penguin Cup.

CPSN: Right, so nothing suspicious is going on there. What in the world is this?! A miniature city?!

Squidella: Just look at it and you’ll see what it is. The snowmen are our team members, the trophy is the trophy we’re going to steal, and then we will sail away to a private island and bask in our wealth.

And then the ball dropped…

CPSN: THAT’S CHEATING! ALL OF THIS IS CHEATING! We can’t believe you’d do this! We are calling Aunt Arctic right away!

Squidella: Uhhh… uhhh… no way you’re not! *blasts off into spaceship*

It was not long until our crews on the ground were bombarded with hundreds of mini soccer balls. The Space Squids were supposedly ready for when someone found out their secret, and installed this security system in their escape shuttle. With the CPSN crew completely immobilised, Squidella transformed into her true form – A REAL SPACE SQUID!


And just like that, she set off to the Planet Xor deep in a far away galaxy. Although, her shuttle did leave a trail of tiny soccer balls behind so it shouldn’t be too difficult to track her.

Let’s play the Penguin Cup!

thatoneukuleler’s Stadium Igloo (thank you!)

Now you’ve heard from the teams, which one are you on? I’m personally rooting for the Space Squids – they’re the team which my Squid Lid wanted me to join. Did you play in the 2014 Penguin Cup? Will you be sticking with the same team? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and before I forget – I’ll be hosting a little meetup on Club Penguin Island tomorrow (July 8th) at 1pm PST in Island Central on Marshmallow to visit some of your Penguin Cup igloos! Whether you’ve created a soccer stadium or a crazy soccer ball experiment, I can’t wait to see it. Suit up in your team’s color or create a jersey with their decal too, we might play a few matches of soccer together to see which team really wins this year’s trophy!

Thank you for reading, penguin pals! Until next time…

Waddle on!


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Dark Blue

My opinion for the teams:
First up, team Sharks! I like how creative they were.
Next, is team Hot Sauce! I like how they like spicy pizza.
Next up, team Fluffies! They seem more silly than the other ones. I like that!
Next up, team Space Squids! WHY DID THEY TRY TO STEAL THE TROPHY?!?!
And that’s all of my opinions! Waddle on!

Sillywilly53 ⋅ Jul 31 @ 2:26 AM

Love it!

Penguins946 ⋅ Jul 10 @ 8:10 AM

Great story👍

Oreozs ⋅ Jul 08 @ 4:56 PM

Loved this story, the humor was perfect and there was a lot of unexpected surprises in the post as well! It’s funny every team either doesn’t have a football or a football pitch. I played for Team Sharks in the Penguin Cup 2014 even though my brother and my best friend were on Team Hot Sauce! I am currently playing for Team Sharks for the second time! I will try my best to be able to make it to the meetup today.
Waddle on!

Agent Blue0 ⋅ Jul 08 @ 10:19 AM

    Thanks for sharing, Agent Blue0! You’re a great fit for Team Sharks – you’re super passionate about community and like the colour blue, haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 😄🎉

    Dj Stores ⋅ Aug 12 @ 4:08 AM