Hi everyone! One of my favourite things to do when on-the-go is to play games on my phone or watch a TV show on my tablet. Whether it’s completing a tricky puzzle, waddling around collecting coins or catching up on the latest episode – we can do some awesome things with apps. Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite apps from Disney which you can try! Let’s get started.

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#5: Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a colourful bubble-pop puzzle game inspired by the movie Inside Out. As you keep playing, you’ll unlock new power-ups, meet new characters and more to help you in the game on your path through Riley’s mind. I especially love how great the level map is in this game – with hundreds of levels through worlds every Inside Out fan will instantly recognise and love. There’s even a small Club Penguin reference – here’s a clue: It’s awesome to be rare.
Playing a level in Inside Out Thought Bubbles

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#4: Disney Crossy Road

Why did 8-bit Mickey cross the road? Hipster Whale and Disney teamed up to create this awesome Disney-style endless adventure with all your favourite characters (and even members of the development team!). This game makes the most of being filled with Disney characters, with many worlds inspired by brilliant movies. There’s even mini-games within the main game, for example: in Inside Out, you can collect memories and beam them up to Headquarters; and in Big Hero 6, you have to collect batteries to keep Baymax from deflating. It’s even more fun to play with your family and friends, as you challenge each other to get the next top score. This app is great for any Disney fan looking for a bit of a thrill.
Exploring the Inside Out world in Disney Crossy Road

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#3: DisneyLife (UK and Ireland only)

DisneyLife is absolutely amazing for any family which loves Disney. Imagine every movie, TV show, book and soundtrack you can dream of… all in one place. That’s exactly what DisneyLife is all about. For a subscription priced at £4.99 a month, you can get unlimited access to almost everything Disney along with extra perks like streaming live TV channels and a 10% discount at Disney Store. What I really like about DisneyLife is that you can really enjoy everything on the app. Every family loves Disney movies, and this app has got plenty for movie night. If you’re a huge Disney Channel fan, like me, you’ve got every episode ever of your favourite series’ in the palm of your hand. For families with younger kids, you can explore the e-books for reading time. Don’t forget there’s music, live TV channel streams, a 10% discount at Disney Store and you can even download content to enjoy while travelling. If DisneyLife sounds like a dream come true, guests in the UK and Ireland can check out the app and everything it has to offer before subscribing.
The DisneyLife preview homepage

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#2: Where’s My Water? 2

Make a splash with fun water physics adventures of Where’s My Water? 2! In this sequel to the original hit game from Disney, your job is simple: get water to Swampy, steam to Allie and purple water to Cranky. With new game modes like Duck Rush, plenty of challenges and daily fun like the Mystery Duck level, it’s almost impossible to get bored of Where’s My Water? 2. I’ve been playing the game lots recently, and I think it’s really cool that, as you progress, new aspects are introduced to the game, such as: fans, switches, ice and more. This keeps gameplay fresh and exciting as you continue to complete levels and open gates. While this game is a ton of fun and has occupied plenty of my evenings, keep an eye out for video advertisements and sneaky in-app purchases.
One of Swampy’s levels in Where’s My Water? 2

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#1: Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney is no stranger to match-3 games, with Frozen Free Fall, Maleficent Free Fall and even Puffle Wild inspired by Club Penguin – it’s a popular puzzle game format loved by many. Disney Emoji Blitz is yet another Disney match-3 game, but it’s definitely the best. For starters, there’s over 1,500 emojis for you to collect of Disney characters past and present. Complete missions to level up for rewards, collect all items on themed “item cards”, tackle three tricky Daily Challenges and more – there’s always something to do on Emoji Blitz. Emoji Blitz remains fairly simple with its square game board. To keep players engaged and always Blitzing, the game runs plenty of limited-time events to earn special emojis. From item card events with special items to collect to the Food Fight Face-off where you play against other Blitzers, once you’ve got the Blitz fever you just can’t stop.
Blitzing away emojis in Disney Emoji Blitz

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BONUS: Club Penguin Island

Of course, I can’t write an article about my favourite Disney apps without featuring the best one – Club Penguin Island! On Club Penguin Island, you can go on incredible adventures, play fun mini-games, experience special limited-time parties and make the best friends ever in a community where everyone belongs. There’s so much for everyone to do including: cruising on a tube, building your one-of-a-kind igloo, playing party games with friends, trying story adventures and more. Oh, and you start your Island adventure by blasting off from a pirate ship in a cannon. If that isn’t a sign this is a great game, I don’t know what is. For players with a paid membership, with the monthly subscription plan priced at $4.99 USD per month, you can unlock even more fun. While everyone can try adventures, members get full access to 40 episodes with voice acting and crazy awesome experiences for your penguin. Members also get full access to the advanced clothing designer – with unlimited possibilities for the designs you can create, everyone on the Island has a unique style. There’s many more fun benefits of membership, but there’s always a free-to-play experience for everyone. Club Penguin Island is also committed to safety, with chat filtering, live moderation and secure log-in. The game also encourages players to make the world a fun, kind and welcoming place for everyone. Parents don’t need to worry about their kids being bombarded with in-app purchases and advertisements, since the game only offers a membership subscription to unlock absolutely everything. It’s great peace of mind knowing that kids are both having fun and staying safe. You can join Club Penguin Island now on PC, Mac and mobile devices.
Having a Team Dance Battle party on Club Penguin Island

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Apps perfect for all the family

I hope you enjoyed this countdown of my top 5 (plus an extra bonus app, hehe) favourite Disney apps. If you love Disney or are just looking for a game to play where you know you’re safe, Disney provides some great digital experiences just for you. What’s your favourite app on this list? Have you discovered your new favourite puzzle game or did you already know about these games? Have I missed any other fantastic Disney apps? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, everyone… Waddle on!

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