Today is the start of a very special month, penguin family! Every penguin who logs in from now until October 31st will receive three new emojis for Bullying Prevention Month and Unity Day. 📣 Did you know that more than 1 in 5 students report being bullied? That’s why every year, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center runs the Bullying Prevention Month campaign to raise awareness of how we can help prevent bullying and create a world without bullying.

This year, Club Penguin Island are getting involved with a Bullying Prevention Event in Coconut Cove and special daily challenges which you’ll see this month. I sat down with Boris The Construction Penguin who put up the banner in the Cove for Unity Day to learn more.

Learning more about Bullying Prevention Month

Dj Stores: Nice banner, Boris! What’s the scoop behind it?

Boris: Aunt Arctic, the Island Director, has been secretly organising an event for Unity Day which will last all October. She handed me this bright orange banner to hang up – I’m sure every penguin will see it!

Dj Stores: What do you hope penguins will do when they see it?

Boris: This banner is all about unity and inclusion in our community. So, I hope penguins will see it and join in the celebration, make new friends and speak up about bullying.

Dj Stores: That’s an awesome message, Boris. Any tips for penguin readers to help prevent bullying?

Boris: Absolutely! Whether you’re on the Island or in the real world, it’s important to look out for and know the signs of bullying. Bullying can be physical, verbal or happen online. If you see anything anywhere which is to deliberately hurt someone, speak up!

We’d like to thank Boris The Construction Penguin for this interview.

Handling a bullying situation

When you see a bullying situation in the real world or on Club Penguin Island, you can make a difference and help put a stop to it. Looking back through the classic Club Penguin archives, I found some amazing bullying prevention tips from the one and only Megg.

Ask to stop

Ask the person bullying to stop. “They might not realize that they are hurting the other person.”

Don’t join in

 “Someone who bullies often likes the attention and if you don’t acknowledge it then it takes some of the fun out it.”

Reach out

“Let the person who was bullied know that you care about them by offering a kind word of support.”

Tell an adult

“If you are unable to stop the bullying yourself then tell an adult. Adults can help you enforce the rules and make sure something is done.”

Moderators on Club Penguin Island are trained to look out for bullying. When you report a penguin, a moderator looks at the chat log and will ban any penguin who’s breaking the rules, so when you’re on the Island you’re playing in a safe environment. Club Penguin Island also has advanced message filtering in place which will automatically issue bans where bullying is taking place.

Another big thank you to Megg/Bobbi for sharing these tips with the community way back in October 2014.

The Community Unity Wall Project

We’re the best, most supportive community ever, and this month is all about spreading kindness. Inspired by PACER’s Unity Tree project for schools, I thought it would be great to create a community unity wall where we can all share creative ideas, positive messages and bullying prevention strategies for penguins who might be struggling with bullying online or in the real world or penguins who see a bullying situation online or in the real world.

To help you create your contribution for the Community Unity Wall, here’s a key question for you to think about:

How can you spread kindness, acceptance and inclusion on Club Penguin Island?

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Also for Bullying Prevention Month, I’m going to wear an Orange Viking Helmet with my outfit to show my support for the cause. Will you re-colour any of your favourite items to support Bullying Prevention Month? Let me know in the comments! Now it’s up to you, penguin family. Contribute to the Community Unity Wall and let’s show the world what our community is all about. And until next time…

Waddle on!


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Amazing blog post as always Dj Stores! I love it!

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    Haha, thank you Penny. :)

    Dj Stores ⋅ Oct 04 @ 12:51 AM

I really like this post, Dj Stores! I might re-colour my baseball cap to support Bullying Prevention Month!

Bloxorz ⋅ Oct 01 @ 6:56 PM

    Yay! Thanks, Bloxorz! I love your orange baseball cap. It’s a cool and bright Unity Day spin on your classic item. :)

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