Hi penguin, vampire, ghost, zombie and All-Hallows Tee pals! The Club Penguin team have done it again and delivered a SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween party for everyone to enjoy. For Club Penguin’s final Halloween party, it’s up to the community to make it the best it can possibly be. That means haunted house igloos, all the costumes you can imagine and sharing candy treats from last year along with other goodies. Here’s a round-up of everything new at this year’s Halloween party. 🐧🎃👻

NEW Halloween decorations

Island Central has got a whole bunch of new decorations, it’s the perfect showcase for all of the new furniture for members. From spooky spiky vines to crazy green tentacles – if you thought last year was haunted, wait until you check out this year! There’s also Living Sleds all over the Island, so keep an eye out for them. You never know if they’ll follow you to your igloo…

There’s also all decorations from last year’s Halloween party returning this year! For tube racing enthusiasts like me, you’ll be happy to hear that SPOOKY RACES have returned to Summit Plummet and Snow Stormer. Bonus brownie points if you hit the yeti with a snowball. 😉 The rest of the Island is also totally decorated, so go explore! Say hi to the pumpkin pirates on the Migrator for me!

NEW Halloween furniture

Do you think you know what a ton of furniture is? Think again. The Club Penguin team have created a huge 35 new furniture items for members to decorate their snowy homes with. With so many items, like Candy Corn Lights, Pumpkins, Tombstones and even the Living Sled, there’s unlimited possibilities for the igloos you can create. 🎉 Can you spot any familiar furniture items from classic Club Penguin?

Here’s a look at my Halloween Fridge Fortress igloo. It’s a small place I made for fun last night as a fun place to hang out with my friends. I’ve used plenty of the new furniture inside the fridges, and there’s even more decorating the top! Before this, I made a haunted house igloo and attempted a spooky street igloo. There’s so many different igloos members can try, so get building! I’ll be making a Halloween Featured Igloos video next week, and I can’t wait to feature some of your igloos in there.

FAN FAVOURITE Octi’s Diner returns

The Island’s favourite inflatable octopus is now back forever! After the community’s enthusiastic response to this secret restaurant during the Summer Splashdown, the Club Penguin team decided to keep it in the game. They always listen to the community! For the Halloween party, the diner has been decked out with lights, pumpkins (even a giant pumpkin over the dabbing penguin statue) and more, making it the perfect place to stop by for a snack with your friends. After all, it is the Island’s #1 underground restaurant!*

*out of a total of 1 underground restaurants on Club Penguin Island

NEW Halloween music

By far the best part of every Club Penguin Halloween party – PARTY MUSIC is back! For the first time ever, the entire Island has got tunes playing to get you into the mood for dancing and trick-or-treating. From familiar tracks from the original game to all-new beats selected by the team, this is a huge new element to this year’s party and it really does make all the difference.  🎶

You can hear NEW music playing in: Island Central, DJ Cadence’s Studio, Franky’s, Mt. Blizzard, Beacon Boardwalk, Dancefloor, Trampoline Jump, Beach Balls and Party Submarine. There’s some fan favourites like Halloween Disco making a comeback, and even the Night of the Living Sled soundtrack playing at Franky’s! You’ve got to waddle around and listen out for what’s playing. Let me know your favourite Club Penguin Halloween track in the comments below! 😁

And that’s it, penguin pals! Now you know what’s happening this Halloween on the Island, go out and do something awesome with it. Will you host a costume party for you and your friends? Or might you spook-ify your regular igloo or even build an all-new one? If you’ve always dreamed of living in a haunted house, now’s your chance! Let me know how you’re celebrating on Club Penguin Island in the comments below.

Here on The Islanders, I’ve got a few parties, mini-games and stories planned and I can’t wait to share them with you! Keep an eye out over the next few days as we make this Halloween one to remember. Have a great time in the party, penguins, and until next time…

Waddle on!


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